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Why your WordPress Website Should Always Have a Child Theme

WordPress child themes borrow their functionality from other themes commonly known as the parent themes. Before Child Themes,...

5 Ways to Be the Leader in Your Niche

Building bigger and powerful brands takes continuous effort. It involves strategically positioning your brand as a better option...

7 Tips to Skyrocket your Sales with a Personalized Chatbot

Your website visitors expect you to make it easy for them to get in touch with you. The...

ADA Compliance and WordPress

What is ADA compliance? In 2010 The United States Department of Justice released "The Americans with Disabilities Act"...

5 Reasons you Should Use Apple Pay and Stripe Payment Gateways on your WordPress Website

There are many forms of payment options that online vendors can accept: debit cards, credit cards, Cash On...

Is Your Brand Boring? Spice it up With These 7 Tips

Building a strong and interesting brand is important for organizations if they are to remain relevant and competitive....

Learn to code: The basics that every site owner needs to know

Thanks to development in technology and software, today nearly anyone can create and manage a website for business...

Which Colors Will Ruin Your Site’s Chances at Converting Sales

Today the internet is awash with hundreds if not thousands of business websites all across the globe, but...

What Makes for a Good Logo?

A logo is an important component of a business brand. It is the visual manifestation of a business...