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5 Surefire Signs You Need a Site Redesign

Websites are a little like cars – they get outdated pretty quick. That 2000 Saturn you have isn’t cool anymore; it’s just old. (And no, sites that get old enough don’t become awesome again, like a ’73 Chevelle).

Unfortunately, this means you’ll need a site redesign every few years to stave off becoming outdated and irrelevant. Most internet users can tell when your site’s stuck in the early 2000s (autoplay music was for your grandparents… or just a slightly younger version of you).

But how do you know when it’s time to let go and splurge for a new look?

We’ve got you covered!

5 Signs it’s Time to get a New Site

Your site isn’t responsive

You know when you visit a site on your phone and you have to scroll sideways just to read the whole sentence? And stuff doesn’t fit on the screen right? Yeah, your site is probably old.

Nowadays, effective site design includes taking into account that more than half of internet usage is done on mobile devices. Sites that don’t reconfigure themselves to fit different sized screens are looking more and more amateur as the big boys turn to responsive design.

Your site is missing basic features

In 2014, some site features are considered standard. If you don’t have links to Pinterest, Facebook, G+, and other social media platforms, you look out of place. Your visitors expect the ability to connect on multiple levels, so give it to them.

Other features you need are an opt-in form, a sitemap, a WordPress blog, and social media share buttons on your content.

Your site loads slowly

A site loading slowly doesn’t just mean your Internet connection is bad – it could be in the way your site was designed. Photos not loaded in the proper format or not cut up in the right way can lead to a site taking much longer than it should to load.

Often, those problems are the result of old designs or outdated formats.

It just plain looks outdated

Are your graphics grainy? Do you have a very simple header and then just white space below with some content? Do you not have any cool graphics or designs? Does your layout put you to sleep?

Does your site have the same colors as your grandparents’ carpet?

You might need a little creativity to get your site back on track!

Footer says “Copyright 2006,” you use a Hotmail account, and flash dominates your site.

All 3 of these are surefire signs that your site just won’t hack it anymore. The email one you can (and should) take care of immediately, while the other two might require a designer to get in there and help make the changes.

Anything else that screams outdated about a website to you? Let me know below!

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